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You may be reading this post wondering, “are bed frames even that useful? What’s the point? Don’t beds just sit on the ground anyway?” While you’re not entirely wrong, there are actually a number of reasons why investing in a good quality bed frame is a great thing to consider.

While they may seem like a totally unnecessary expense, bed frames provide your bedroom with a bit of extra storage space, help to control mold and insects, and of course, they can add a huge boost of aesthetic visual pleasure to your bedroom.

In this post, we’ll outline some of the advantages of bedframes and why they’ve typically, until now, been one of the most underrated bedroom furniture purchases.



Left all by itself, even the most expensive, supportive mattress won’t give you the support you need to get a good night’s rest. Any number of reputable mattress manufacturers will suggest that their products be placed atop a box spring. That’s all fine and dandy, but those box springs are usually constructed out of wood and sometimes even metal - if you happen to have a hardwood floor, you’ll be dealing with scratches when the bed… uh… moves around. A good bed frame provides your box spring with a secure housing, and won’t scratch your floors.

There’s also an issue of stability when you forgo a bed frame; the frame itself helps to stop the mattress from sliding around and inevitably off of the box spring.



We won’t beat around the bush - not having a bed frame can make an otherwise beautiful bedroom environment look, well, shabby. A good bed frame adds a level of sophistication and polish to the bedroom, and helps to boost the visual aesthetic of the space to a more appropriate level; the modest cost of a bed frame is a perfect way to add another layer of finish to your space.

Following the ancient space harmonization practice of Feng Shui, the bed should always be lifted above the floor to encourage good energy flow and circulation. The mantra suggests that when a bed is left on the floor, good energy can be reduced and halted, bringing a negative energy to the room. Putting your mattress and box spring on a bed frame helps to emphasize the importance of good energy, and assists in making your bed command its rightful place as a stately focal point of the room.



Good old fashioned North American mattresses are huge - much larger than the bed frame passing mattresses of Japan and Eastern Asia, where they’ve traditionally forgone use of bed frames for thousands of years. Western mattresses tend to stay where they’re placed, and aren’t moved around to help air out - meaning that the limited space underneath the box spring or mattress when left on the floor can become the perfect space for both mold, mildew, and insect infestations.

Meanwhile, elevating the mattress with a bed frame eliminates that problem and reduces the dampness under the mattress, keeping the room fresh and airy.



We’re not just scraping the bottom of the proverbial yogurt cup for bed frame advantages here, storage is a major benefit to investing in a proper bed frame. If you host overnight guests fairly regularly and live in a cramped apartment, you may find that storing a spare blow-up mattress under your bed is the only place to keep it out of sight. Further, under the bed is a great space to store seasonal clothing, spare blankets, linens, towels, etc. Consider storing books, other collapsible furnishings or extra pillows.

Just make sure to not fall prey to the previously mentioned suggestion: keep your storables dry and packaged nicely in airtight containers to ensure they stay free of mold and insects.

While a bed frame may seem like an extra purchase that most people think they can do without, investing in a good quality bed frame is an investment you’ll only have to make once, and its price pays off quickly with the protection, stability, aesthetic charm they bring to the modern bedroom environment. 

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